Relationship & Sex Therapy

How is Imago approach different from other relationship counselling?

The difference involves the therapist teaching and coaching the couple, giving them tools to help transform their relationship. Instead of the therapist being a referee, partners will be talking to each other in a safe and more structured way where there is not blaming or shaming. It helps each partner to understand what an issue is like for the other. This leads to very specific steps to change behaviour in a way that is not only healing for your partner and meeting their needs, but in a way that helps you express your uniqueness. This leads to more romance, fun pleasure and being fully alive in your partnership.

The two most important tools are empathy and intentional dialogue. The dialogue process is used to help make successful changes in behaviour that is good for both partners and leads to healing and growth...and to a deeper connection between two individuals.

Clinical Psychologists are all trained in sex therapy as a type of psychotherapy. Here you can discuss concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings andSex therapy is a type of psychotherapy. Through sex therapy, you can address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy — either in individual therapy or in joint therapy with your partner. Sex therapy can be effective for adults of any age, gender or sexual orientation and addresses issues such as sexual problems and dysfunctions, and sexuality in general as well as issues affecting those who experienced sexual abuse.

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