Ronel Kemp  

Clinical Psychologist

Cost Structure



R1200 per hour session of psychotherapy which (includes psychoeducation and relationship counselling). Contracted in with most medical aids. Using recommended rates as set by medical aids on yearly basis, and prepared to submit invoices to medical aids for payment.

Ronel Kemp

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Ronel Kemp is a Clinical Psychologist in Durbanville, Cape Town. After completing her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at University of Pretoria in 1992, Ronel spent some time working in correctional services. She then moved on to practice at Riverfield Lodge in Johannesburg, a rehabilitation facility for Psychiatric Care and Addiction Treatment.

She then worked at an assisted care facility for the elderly, where she developed a program to help patients suffering with dementia, before going into private practice in 2004.

Excerpt from “Daughters of Silence” by Morris West:

my studio

“You know the rarest thing in the world... A man or a woman wise enough to look the world in the eye and accept it, good or bad, for what it is at that moment. When people come to me or when I am summoned to them in prison or hospital, it’s because I am the last mile stone in their long flight from reality. Their flight is a symptom of sickness -and the sickness is the subtlest of them all: fear! They’re afraid of loss, of pain, of loneliness, of their own natures, of the obligations which any normal life lays on them.

…….Sometimes there is no cure. Sometimes the mechanisms of the mind seize up or refuse to work except in a psychotic groove. For the rest, I try to take them back, step by step, to the moment of primal terror. While I’m doing it I try to rebuild their courage to face it. If I succeed, they begin to be well again. If I fail, then their flight begins once more.”