Ronel Kemp makes use of the IMAGO Relationship Therapy, which is the process of giving couples information and even more importantly, teaching them tools to:

Help make the unconscious aspects of their relationship conscious

Address conflict at its roots rather just trying to solve it in a surface way

Be successful in the work of healing and growth

Create emotional safety for each other

Learn how to better meet each other's needs

Transform conflict into opportunities for deeper intimacy and connection

Make small changes that make the biggest difference in terms of happiness and fulfilment as individuals and as a couple

Learn how to become a source of pleasure instead of pain for your partner

Realize how to make your marriage or partnership a fulfilling, alive, passionate, fun, transforming source of increasing wholeness and sacred transformation.

The two most important tools are a form of healing and intentional dialogue. We use the dialogue process to then help make successful changes in your behaviour that are good for both you and your partner that lead to healing and growth… and to a deeper connection between you.

How is a session with a certified Imago therapist different from any other therapy?

It is different from most therapies because it involves the therapist teaching and coaching you as a couple, giving you tools to help you transform your relationship in this way. Instead of each of you talking with the therapist or the therapist being a referee, you will be talking to each other in a safe and more structured way that is not blaming or shaming, and that helps each of you help your partner understand what an issue is like for you. You will also learn how to use that information about yourself and your partner to take very specific steps to change your behaviour in a way that is not only healing for your partner and meeting their needs, but in a way that helps you get some of yourself back and express your own aliveness more fully. It also gives you ways to bring more romance, fun, pleasure into your partnership.