Ronel treats the body and mind as one. Healthier bodies house healthier minds. She works closely with health practitioners and allied health practitioners to ensure her patients are cared for physically, mentally and emotionally.
The neurological and biological factors affecting behaviour are equally as important as the psychological ones. Ronel will suggest natural remedies for psychological disorders, such as anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression and will refer her patients on to health practitioners who can assist in the treatment of the biological causes of these problems.

In the Mail&Guardian (13 May 2011) by Jo Marchant:

in an article “Warding off the effects of ageing through meditation”. Research done by Charles Raison, who studies mind-body interaction at Emory University in Atlanta “our understanding of the brain-body dialogue has made jaw-dropping advances in the last decade or two”…. “When the brain detects a threat in our environment, it sends signals to spur the body into action. ……your heart beats faster, you breathe more rapidly and your pupils dilate. Digestion slows and fat and glucose are released into the bloodstream to fuel your next move…….These responses might help us to run from a mammoth or fight off infection, but they also damage body tissues……Such chronic stress has devastating effects, putting us at greater risk of a host of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression –. and death. …..Meditation seems to be effective in changing the way that we respond to external events. After short courses of mindfulness meditation people produce less of the stress hormone cortisol and mount a smaller inflammatory response to stress.”