Neuro Feedback

Exciting convergence of various scientific studies proving anecdotal experience of past few decades:

The brain has plasticity/new pathways can form. If a person can manage to repeatedly exercise the use of a specific neural pathway new skills will develop.

Although the practices of meditation, yoga, T'ai Chi, mindfulness all greatly improve neural connections, the improvement is subjective.

However, with a computerised neurofeedback system the client receives standardised normative data on their abilities before and after a course of treatment.

Neural activity is precisely focused on certain areas of the brain and improvement is proven, measured and lasting.

Especially with children and teenagers psychotherapy can be a very costly process. Treatment of anxiety, depression, feeling of overwhelm, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, temper outbursts etc. requires a certain level of insight from a child, an ability to verbalise and followed by diligence in changing behavioural patterns or biofeedback exercises.

Applications include chronic pain, brain injuries, brain deterioration, poor executive functioning such as planning, time management, fears and phobias, exam stress, dyslexia trauma and of course ADHD.